One of the Most Important Activities of the Kamenjak Public Institution

Educational Activities for All Age Groups

One of the most important activities of the Kamenjak Public Institution is education. As part of the guided tours and programmes organised by our Institution, we seek to raise the awareness and influence the behaviour of workshop participants, from kindergarten children to the older population. The main objectives of the educational activities are to impart knowledge on the protected areas managed by the Institution and to provide information for a full understanding of the nature and values of the protected areas through research, teamwork, and interaction.

Expert Guide Services for Foreign Guests

In addition to thematic guided tours, the Kamenjak Public Institution also organises an all-year-round expert guided tour programme within the territory of Lower Kamenjak for all interested parties, and expert guided tours in English for foreign guests. All-year-round workshops called “Little Nature’s Keepers” are organised for elementary school children of the Medulin Municipality and are held once every two weeks at the Institution's premises.

Educational programme Kamenjak

A detailed description of the topic can be found in the attached file. You can contact us by email to arrange a guided tour or a programme.